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May 01 Sep 30
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The University of Louisville





#46 Nationally


% recreation

% transportation


35,392 MILES

1 time around the perimeter of the equator


500 (HALF WAY)


Our Accomplishments

1,918,471 calories burned

$4,661 dollars saved

7,424 pounds co2 saved

The University of Louisville LEADERBOARD

    • RANK
    • RIDER
    • Days Ridden
    • last updated
    • 1

    • Brad Rodu

      Louisville, KY

    • 475
    • 17 days
    • 1 day ago

    • 2

    • Daniel Vivian

      Louisville, KY

    • 370
    • 8 days
    • 1 day ago

    • 3

    • Michael Wilder

      Louisville, KY

    • 347
    • 8 days
    • 1 week ago

    • 4

    • Sara Northerner

      Louisville, KY

    • 220
    • 6 days
    • 1 week ago

    • 5

    • Jesse Robinson

      Louisville, KY

    • 147
    • 6 days
    • 2 weeks ago

    • 6

    • Evan Kuhl

      Louisville, KY

    • 90
    • 2 days
    • 2 days ago

    • 7

    • Kathy Rogers

      Louisville, KY

    • 86
    • 3 days
    • 2 weeks ago

    • 8

    • Lynn Gold

      Louisville, KY

    • 25
    • 1 day
    • 1 week ago

    • 9

    • Ryan Sheehan

      Louisville, KY

    • 24
    • 1 day
    • 4 days ago


Justin Mog

What fantastic weather to finish this Challenge in! Spurs one to spend as much time riding a bike as possible! Hope everyone had a great World Car-Free Day on Monday (Sept. 22nd). Ride on! It's a sprint for the finish line!!


Justin Mog

It's beastly out there! It takes true champions to keep riding in this heat & humidity! Can't wait for September! :) Ride On!...


Laura Trachtenberg

I usually help work it, but they lost my email address, so Have not heard from them. I will be riding from Seneca.


Justin Mog

Yeah, I'll be riding into UofL from Tyler Park on May 30th, too! Register for Bike To Work Day and you'll be entered into a raffle for a free bike:


Nick Pitas

Who's planning on attending Bike to Work Day on May 30th? I'll be at Tyler Park! Register online with Bike Louisville:


Justin Mog

What fantastic cycling weather! We rode to Clifty Falls State Park outside Madison, IN this weekend and it was choice! Ride On, Cards!


Nick Pitas

Please use this space to ask questions, try to find other bike commuters/riders, or share your experiences so far!


Nick Pitas

Great ride to campus last Thursday, April 17th! Our monthly group bike commute rode from Iroquois Park to Belknap campus, following low-traffic bike routes almost the whole way! The sun was shining, and the cool temperatures were perfect for a ride to work. Next month our group bike commute will take place on May 30th, and coincides with Louisville's Bike to Work Day! Check out our bike initiative page ( for more information!


News from The University of Louisville

Rainy Day Commuting

Don't let these rainy and gloomy days keep you from commuting on your bike! Here are a few tips: Don't forget that in Louisville you're legally required to have a steady front light, and a steady or flashing red rear light. Of course that's probably always a good idea. A reflective vest or rain jacket is another appropriate addition. In addition to a rain jacket, a hat will help to keep water from dripping into your eyes. Fenders on your bike will keep the nasty water on the street from splashing up on your and your bike. Rain=clean, road water=bike trouble. You'll save yourself $ and a headache if you keep your bike protected. Not to mention you won't have an attractive wet streak running up your back. Finally, don't be a hero: if there's lightning or unsafe conditions, load your bike up on the nearest TARC bike and flash that UofL ID for a free ride!

Bike Month

May is bike month, and there's plenty of reason to get out and ride with the beautiful weather we've been having recently. Remember that May 30th is Bike to Work Day for Louisville. For more information about that and other great events coming up in the Louisville area, check out these resources: Bike Louisville (, Bicycling for Louisville (, and the University of Louisville Sustainability Council (

May is finally here!

Very exciting to see everyone signing up and logging miles for the 2014 National Bike Challenge! Remember: there is no time limit for signing up; you can join UofL at any point between now and the end of September.

Upcoming Group Rides:

May 5, 12, 19th 7:30 am- Commuter support at Tyler Park (refreshments, bike assistance, etc.). May 30th 7:30 am- Bike to Work Day leaving from Tyler Park.


Welcome to the University of Louisville "workplace!" This is the place for employees, alumni, retirees and their spouse/qualifying adult. For more information about bike events and initiatives at the university: - Keep riding and keep logging those miles!