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We want to make it easy for you to enjoy the greater bicycling community and get your relatives, friends, co-workers and members involved in the National Bike Challenge. Plus we want you to ride safe and ride smart. So, as part of our Toolkit we provide some key resources to help you get started, spread the excitement, and feel confident to ride.

Advocacy Challenge Guide

Are you looking to improve your community and get more people involved in cycling? Check here to learn how to create your own Advocacy Challenge.

Business Guide

Learn how to get more of your co-workers involved and learn about ideas on how to maintain momentum throughout the Challenge.

Bike Safety

Whether you are are new to cycling or a seasoned pro, safety is first. Learn rules of the road to help you and your team have a safe and fun bike ride.

Marketing Tools

Invite your friends, relatives and co-workers to join the Challenge. With your support, we can make this the biggest and best challenge yet.

Advocacy Challenge Toolkit

The National Bike Challenge contains two perspectives: National and Local. When participants register for the Challenge, they have the option to view the Challenge from the local perspective or the national perspective. The League of American Bicyclists organizes the National Challenge. The Advocacy Challenge is hosted by a local or statewide bicycling advocacy organization (AO) or local bike club. This guide is intended for AOs and clubs who are hosting a Advocacy Challenge as part of the National Bike Challenge. Throughout this document, the local aspect of the National Bike Challenge is referred to as the "Advocacy Challenge."

Host an Advocacy Challenge

Hosting an Advocacy Challenge is a great way to get your name and your programs in front of bicyclists in your area. Advocacy Challenges are guided and divided by county lines or entire states. If a county is left unclaimed, the League of American Bicyclists reserves the right to grant the county to another organization or club in the area.

Benefits of Hosting a Local Challenge
  • Your logo will be placed prominently on the Advocacy Challenge page within your Challenge territory.
  • You’ll be able to post items in the "comments" section of the homepage.
  • If you opt to have Advocacy Challenge sponsors, your AO retains all proceeds.
Tools on your Advocacy Challenge Web Page
  • Upload and link your logo so that all riders are aware of your organization.
  • Tailoring your ridership goals: As an Advocacy Challenge host you can create a goal to better reflect ridership in your community.
  • Create a banner image to reflect your organization and your community.
  • Upload logos and link to local sponsors on your organization’s web page.
  • Post news about the Advocacy Challenge and your organization in the news feed section
Tips to Engage Participants in the Challenge

As an Advocacy Organization, you can help make the National Bike Challenge a success! To ensure this success, local bicyclists should be encouraged to join the Challenge and should be engaged once they are enrolled. The following are tips to help you design your promotion and publicity schedule.

Online Communications
  • Promotional materials are available on the Challenge website. Use them—they are free and easy!
  • Encourage enrollment before the May 1 start date. Include correspondence and Challenge promotion throughout April so that your members can enroll before the start-date. There is a warm-up period prior to the start of the Challenge — this is a great time to get participants familiar with the system.
  • Promote the Challenge on your organization’s homepage.
  • Use Challenge blog posts by League of American Bicyclists in your own material.
  • Promote the Challenge on your social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Retweet or share our postings.
  • Contact local press about the Challenge.
  • Create a blog for participants on your organization’s website.
  • List local rides and/or local bike routes on your website for riders to build a bicycling community and get familiar with comfortable bike routes.
  • Create Team Challenges within your Local Challenge. For example, ask teams to ride a certain number of miles/days in a week to be eligible for a prize.
  • May is the start of the Challenge, as well as National Bike Month. Promote the Challenge at any Bike Month and Bike to Work/School Day events.
  • Get your organization’s executive director to host a ride and invite members from the community to participate! Get a snack at a local business afterwards.
  • Host a Bike to Work Day breakfast for participants at your office or a local shop.
  • Make it fun by creating theme days!
  • Have a Lunch-and-Learn at a local bike shop or other business. Invite a speaker from a local bike shop or bike advocacy group to talk about the benefits of bicycling, and encourage attendees to join the Challenge.
Engage Local Businesses as Sponsors
  • Get local businesses, clubs or partners to sign up to sponsor your Local Challenge. They can sponsor financially or by donating prizes for you to disperse to winners.
  • Feature sponsors on your Local Challenge page or offer them gratitude on your website — either way make sure they feel thanked!
Use the free marketing materials to get the word out to your supporters
  • The marketing materials are available for all groups to use in the Challenge (Advocacy, workplace, team, school) and can help get the word out to all of your members. Download the poster and hand it out to other members of your team or hang it in your breakroom at work. The sharing images can be used on your group's social media pages (Facebook/Twitter) or in an email to your members.

View Marketing Materials

Business Toolkit

This page explains how to involve your company in the National Bike Challenge and provides tips on how to engage employees. The guide is divided into four sections:

  1. What is the Challenge?
  2. Why Participate in the Challenge?
  3. Make the Challenge Work for Your Business
  4. Sample Email to Employees

What is the Challenge?

The National Bike Challenge is a nationwide event uniting thousands of current bicyclists — and encouraging countless new riders. It is a free and easy way to challenge yourself, your colleagues and your community to ride more while competing on a local, state and national level. The Challenge provides a way to promote teamwork within your business, create a healthier workplace and get people excited about bicycling.

Why participate in the Challenge?
  • Fun: This is a team-building experience that will help build camaraderie in the workplace. Participants will work towards a common goal and be able to compete against other businesses in their industry, their region and throughout the country.
  • Health: Encouraging participation in the Challenge will help make your workplace healthier!
  • Economics: Employees can reduce car maintenance, fuel and parking expenses. Employers can benefit from reduced health care and transportation related costs.
  • Environment: Bicycling reduces emissions and greenhouse gases. Nearly 50 percent of all trips in metropolitan areas are three miles or less and 28 percent are one mile or less — distances easily covered by bicycle.
  • Promotion: The Challenge is a free and easy way to offer a local/statewide bike competition and participate in the national event. It provides data, healthy competition and a way to promote your organization or business.
  • Celebration: Joining the Challenge is a great way to kick off National Bike Month and build relationships within your own business, as well as with local, state, regional and national business communities.

Make the Challenge Work for Your Business

Start Planning
  • Upper Management Support. Get upper management on board. Ask if a manager would be willing to send an email encouraging employees to participate and/or get involved in the Challenge by creating a team of their own. You can even create teams within your organization to encourage internal competition!
  • Join the Challenge. Encourage someone from Human Resources, the bike club, the transportation demand management team or the sustainability team to register your business. If your business does not have any of the above, you can become the Challenge Champion of your business. Here's how to register your company:
    1. Join the National Bike Challenge by creating a Strava account or log into your existing account
    2. Create a Strava Club for your organization: Check to make sure your organization does not already have a Strava Club. If it does not already exist follow the links: Explore → Clubs → Create a Club
    3. Invite coworkers to be a part of your club on Strava
  • Multiple Worksites. If your business has multiple worksites make sure to register them under the same Workplace. Worksites compete collectively for their workplace but have the ability to see their points tally independently of the other worksites in the business.
  • Publicize the Challenge. Notify everyone in your company that your organization has joined the Challenge by sending them the invite link through the Challenge website. Promote the Challenge by using our customizable posters and promotional kit. Also use the email template (below) announcing the program. Place the posters in high traffic areas and distribute news via intranet and/or email. The Challenge begins on May 1, but a warm-up period will run until April 30. The warm-up period allows participants time to join and get acquainted with the system before the Challenge begins.
  • Lunch and Learn. A "lunch and learn" is a chance for staff to get together and learn about the Challenge or other bike topics. Use this time to promote the Challenge and generate excitement or invite a local speaker from a bike shop or advocacy group to talk about bike safety, commuting topics, or other useful and fun information about riding.
During the Challenge
  • Provide Organizational Incentives. Consider developing an internal prize program to provide additional incentives for participation. For example, have a drawing or an award each month for participants or for top riders/teams. Prizes could include gift certificates, bike supplies, Challenge Apparel, etc.
  • Local Rides. List local rides on your organization’s website or another place where staff can find it. If you want to connect with a local bike shop, find one on your city’s leaderboard under “Local Bike Shops” on the lower right side.
  • Bike to Work Breakfast. Set up a breakfast as an award for participants who are supporting the program by logging their miles.
  • Leadership Involvement. Get your CEO/President and senior leadership staff to participate in a company ride. This can be a fun way to get more people involved!
  • Leaderboards. The "Leaderboards" is the list of participants sorted by points. From here, you can see the top riders in your organization, as well as the standings for the teams and worksites (if there are multiple teams and worksites). Your Leaderboard for your Workplace can be found through your "Profile."
  • Leagues. Create a league, or a competition between two companies to see which company can log the most miles ridden or trips!
End it with Style!
  • Announce. Send an email or put up a poster announcing the top finishers in your workplace (ask permission from winner's first).
  • Celebrate. Invite everyone who participated to a Challenge Celebration. Provide a presentation where acknowledgements can be made, thanks to upper management for their support, and have an award ceremony for the winners. Offer a breakfast, lunch or refreshment hour as a way of celebrating involvement.
  • Evaluate. Provide evaluation findings to management. Share the number of trips logged and miles ridden with your company and management! Using miles ridden data provided on the Challenge website, you can calculate a rough estimate of pounds of CO2 avoided by biking using the following equation and assumptions:
Sample Email to Employees
  • In addition to the invite you send through the Challenge website, you may want provide an extra nudge for employees to join. Below is a sample email to employees.
  • Make sure that you complete the highlighted area before sending.

Dear Fellow Employee:

I am pleased to announce that [insert your company name] has signed up for the 2017 National Bike Challenge! The Challenge starts May 1 and runs through September 30, 2017.

I encourage employees to sign up for the Challenge and ride for our workplace. You can also create another team or join other existing teams.

Join the Challenge at: Click the "Connect with Strava" button and create a Strava account or log into your Strava account. You now have the chance to join as an employee of our workplace.

To learn more about the Challenge, visit

The Challenge has many great prizes, and each month prizes will be given away to reward Challenge participants. [insert company prize plan if intending to do so] The more you bike, the better your chance of winning (and the better the prizes) will be! Click here to learn about the prize program.

Thank you. I hope that you will join us in the 2017 National Bike Challenge!

Marketing Tools

Thank you for your help in promoting The National Bike Challenge! With your support, we can make this the biggest and best Challenge year. Below, you will find information sheets and several web buttons you can use to promote the Challenge and your local competition.

Bike Safety - Download
Get Involved - Download

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2017 Challenge Sponsors

We want to thank these companies for their support of the National Bike Challenge to make biking better in your local community and across the nation!

Join The Challenge

Join thousands of other riders from around the country. Make this your best year ever.

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