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USU Moab



Utah State University League




#694 Nationally


% sport/fun

% transport


2,131 MILES


500 (HALF WAY)


115,488 calories burned

$87 dollars saved

139 pounds co2 saved


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Jen Evers

I'm cleared to start riding 10 miles at a time on the road bike (starting tomorrow) as long as it doesn't hurt...Wish me luck!

Jen Evers

I can officially ride 2 miles at a time. I'm trying to be excited rather than annoyed by the miniscule mileage allowed.

Jen Evers

Sprained my back on Thursday and unable to ride. :( Hoping to be back in the saddle in a couple of weeks. Ugh...

Sam Sturman

71 mile weekend Evers

Jen Evers

Ummmmm....I don't think that's how it works, Sam! :) I'm in SLC this weekend and planning to ride every day. Had a very low mileage week and definitely have to make up for it when I get back. Was hoping it would be much cooler up here (and in Park City), but it's still waaaaayyyyy too hot to ride in the afternoon. Today was rough...

Sam Sturman

You going to spot me some points -- Evers? I'm nearly twice your age but still very young and youthful in my opinion :) and have to work 40 hours a week and ride up hill both to work and back home. It should be 3 to 1 ratio shouldn't it?

Jen Evers

Thank God for riding in the LaSals! It is HOT out there...

Roslynn Brain

Wow - I've been slacking next to Sam and Jen - time to get out there and ride!

Jen Evers

Bring it on, Sam!!! :) Let's race! I just did a delightful Potash evening ride since it gets in the shade nice & early. The light was gorgeous...

Sam Sturman

7-17-14 Rode from home to Negro Bill last night. Okay I confess I stopped and had frozen yogurt on the way home. Great tailwind 15 miles... where are our other 6 riders? I am catching up Jen.. watch your back.

Roslynn Brain

Rode Horsethief Bench and Molly's Loop yesterday evening on my way back from Grand Junction - what a blast!

Jen Evers

Think I'm finally finished being sick! What a nightmare. Nice job to all logging miles! :) We're getting ready to head into the super hot time of year...I'm gonna ride in the desert while I can! Hope to see you out there...

Jen Evers

Finally logged more miles today! I have a knee injury that kept me off the bike most of this week so my fingers are crossed that the ride today will not result in setback. Apparently, I am officially old enough that my body dictates what I do rather than vice-versa (like the good old days)! :(