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Utah State University




points/1000 students/faculty/staff

#30 Nationally


% sport/fun

% transport




500 (HALF WAY)


42,582 calories burned

$201 dollars saved

320 pounds co2 saved

Utah State University LEADERBOARD

    • RANK
    • RIDER
    • Days Ridden
    • last updated
    • 1

    • Ty Watkins

      Logan, UT

    • 1,477
    • 30 days
    • 6 months ago

    • 2

    • Ben Renard-Wiart

      Logan, UT

    • 1,326
    • 31 days
    • 5 months ago

    • 3

    • Tim Vitale

      Hyde Park, UT

    • 1,316
    • 24 days
    • 6 months ago

    • 4

    • Kodey Myers

      Logan, UT

    • 1,216
    • 28 days
    • 6 months ago

    • 5

    • Ben Berrett

      Franklin, ID

    • 1,141
    • 30 days
    • 8 minutes ago

    • 6

    • Layne Lawson

      Smithfield, UT

    • 1,063
    • 15 days
    • 11 months ago

    • 7

    • Lee Harris

      Millville, UT

    • 1,031
    • 31 days
    • 6 months ago

    • 8

    • Matt Lorimer

      Smithfield, UT

    • 931
    • 28 days
    • 8 months ago

    • 9

    • Paige Pagnucco

      Logan, UT

    • 930
    • 28 days
    • 6 months ago

    • 10

    • Alexi Lamm

      Logan, UT

    • 918
    • 31 days
    • 6 months ago

News from Utah State University

Bike to Breakfast

Celebrate a summer of cycling with Bike to Breakfast, Oct 1, 7-9 AM, at Aggie Blue Bikes! Thank you to Dining Services, Oakdell Egg Farms, Central Milling, and Johnson Family Farms for providing local food. Keep logging miles until we see you there.

Six Weeks

Aggies, we have six weeks left to recruit 9 cyclists and cycle 39,000 miles. We can do it! Have fun and ride on!

Mid-way point

Aggies, can we make 200 cyclists & 100,000 miles by Sept 30? Invite a friend!

School=Utah State University

If every member of every USU team listed "Utah State University" as their school, we'd have 192 riders adding points to USU's total! Please remind your team members to list their school as "Utah State University" to be eligible for USU prizes. The school list is the one available to us for monthly drawings. Thanks!


USU has more cyclists and more riders than any other university! Congratulations to our monthly winners, and congratulations to our top team and cyclist this month- AGRS and Ty Watkins, respectively. We will recognize top teams and cyclists with prizes at the end of the competition.

We have Team Leaderboards!

The website has officially been updated both at the USU level and on our league page to include team and rider leaderboards. Enjoy!

We have a Team Leaderboard!;page=1#rankings

USU Summer Cycling Club

Beginning May 13 (tomorrow), the USU cycling club will meet every Tues/Thurs in front of the Fieldhouse at noon for a 45 min moderately paced road ride. Details-

School=Utah State University

If anyone on your team, meant to affiliate with USU in the competition but missed the step, remind them to list "Utah State University" as their school through the "my account" link in the upper right of the NBC page.

New Teams

Welcome teams AGRS and USU Biology and Natural Resources!

USU Teams Registered (to date) 2014

AGRS, Merrill-Cazier Library, USU Facilities, USU HR, USU Information Technology, USU Moab, USU Public Relations, USU Team NCHAM, SOC Grads



Alexi Lamm

This board will remain riders only. The Utah State University League will soon be a team leaderboard according to my correspondence with the web admin. The USU League can be found at

Ty Watkins

Are they still trying to update this page so it will also show the teams, or is there a different page I'm not aware of?

Chloe Wardle

This makes me wish I lived farther from campus, so I could get some more transportation miles!

Alexi Lamm

I'm looking forward to the club ride this summer! I just sent you an invitation to the league. Anyone with their school listed as Utah State University should show up on this leaderboard.

Ty Watkins

I've just created a team for the USU cycling club. Can I get that team added to this league? The actual team name is "Utah State University - Cycling Club".

Alexi Lamm

Bike to Work & School Week starts Monday, 7:30-9:30 AM Aggie Blue Bikes and CVTD. Come by for a breakfast snack, and send your friends who still need a bike. We'll have a drawing for priority Aggie Blue Bikes check-out or a free bike! We'll also have chair massages and giveaways.

Alexi Lamm

Get an intro to bike commuting or invite a friend who would like to learn at the USU brown bag -May 6, 12:00-1:00 PM- Register

Alexi Lamm

The new website requires us to have a league for the USU teams to compete on their own leaderboard. I've sent out invitations to the team captains. Currently, "Utah State University League" is listing riders, but the website admins are fixing it to list teams instead. Here's the (very long) link-

Cory Checketts

How do I add a team to this page?

Bob Bayn

We have more registered riders than any other school - 66 at the moment. Temple U is next with 44.

Alexi Lamm

USU Bicycle Commuter Safety Brown Bag- May 6, 12:00-1:00 PM- Get an intro to bike commuting or invite a friend who would like to learn more. Register online

Alexi Lamm

USU Bike to Breakfast- April 24, 7:30-9:30 AM- Cycle to Aggie Blue Bikes to kick-off the Challenge and enjoy a local breakfast.