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Bike Michiana Coalition

474,475 CITIZENS





points/1000 residents

#67 Nationally




Help us reach this year’s goal of 100 riders.


5,168 MILES

1 coast-to-coast trip across the USA


141,000 (HALF WAY)


280,125 calories burned

$1,761 dollars saved

2,805 pounds co2 saved


% recreation

% transportation

Bike Michiana Coalition LEADERBOARD

    • RANK
    • RIDER
    • Days Ridden
    • last updated
    • 1

    • John Boughton

      South Bend, IN

    • 1,180
    • 24 days
    • 1 day ago

    • 2

    • Chris Vandenbossche

      South Bend, IN

    • 540
    • 11 days
    • 1 day ago

    • 3

    • Paul Ewing

      South Bend, IN

    • 457
    • 12 days
    • 2 days ago

    • 4

    • James Fahey

      Mishawaka, IN

    • 419
    • 14 days
    • 2 days ago

    • 5

    • Chris Dressel

      South Bend, IN

    • 400
    • 15 days
    • 1 hour ago

    • 6

    • April Boughton

      South Bend, IN

    • 368
    • 14 days
    • 2 days ago

    • 7

    • Elma Chapman

      Middlebury, IN

    • 297
    • 9 days
    • 1 day ago

    • 8

    • Jamie Smith

      South Bend, IN

    • 264
    • 10 days
    • 1 day ago

    • 9

    • Donald Sillence

      Mishawaka, IN

    • 253
    • 9 days
    • 1 week ago

    • 10

    • Chris Clark

      South Bend, IN

    • 243
    • 7 days
    • 1 week ago


Donald Renfro

Does anyone know when Fiddler's will be posting the winners of the challenge?


Sarah Lukens

Bonnie and I are going riding on 9/30 the last day! Pro-Form women's ride! I think we're doing hill repeats...


Paul Ewing

Michael I would go for that would be fun to get a bunch of use together



Last 7 days, make the most of them! Maybe we can meet at our local sponsors (Fiddlers Hearth) on 9/30 the last day to celebrate. How does 7 pm sound?


Paul Ewing

Almost to end of the challenge It been a lot fun even though not on top. Micheal and John well done. Looking forward to next years



Harvest Bicycle Century Tour on Sept. 21. Sarah I think this the ride for the "C" markings around Buchannan.



Not sure of what organized ride it is for , but in the past Tour De LaPorte has used that mark for their century rides, but other rides have used that mark also SW Michigan rides have used it also. TDL was in Aug. Hope this was helpful Sarah!


Sarah Lukens

What are the "C arrows" on the road around SW michigan? Starting around Buchanan and around the wine trail area?



Four months down with one month to go for this years challenge. WOW!!! to John Boughton, I don't think anyone will catch you in our local challenge. Well done! Thank you to Paul Taylor our local lead supporter of everything to do with cycling and safety. Also, to Paul and my wife, Linda for joining team, CRANK"N UP for the LA SALLE TRAIL. To Chris Vandenbossche and anyone else (include me) who may have finishing in second place as a goal, Good Luck!



Let the challenge begin! Ride safe, drive alert! With few trails, roads are the only alternative. The economic impact of a bike friendly community is huge. Think first and leave road rage at home.



To join team "CRANK'N UP for the LA SALLE TRAIL" just click on the name Michael McFarland or my photo, then go to the team name and click on it.



Join Team: CRANK'N UP for the LA SALLE TRAIL Show your support for trails by joining this team! Let's ride safe and have fun!


News from Bike Michiana Coalition

Bike Michiana Coalition welcomes you to the 2015 Challenge

Once again this year Bike Michiana Coalition is joining with Fiddler’s Hearth to offer prizes for the National Bike Challenge. The top ten male and female participants in the BMC challenge will be entered in a random drawing and one male and one female will be selected for a $30 Fiddler’s Hearth gift card. Details of the contest will be posted on the Challenge web site. This summer, the League of American Bicyclists is aiming to unite 75,000 cyclists from across the country to ride 35 million miles. The National Bike Challenge is a fun, free activity. It’s never too soon or too late to join. Participants ride their bikes for fun, to work, on the trail—anytime they can. They keep track of their days and miles on a new and improved website platform, or choose from a number of mobile apps to do it for them. There are several challenges running concurrently. When a biker clicks the link below, they will be able to sign up by using their e-mail address. They will automatically be entered as an individual, a member of their city or community, and a member of their state. For those with a St. Joseph or Elkhart County address, they will also be part of the Bike Michiana Challenge. The challenge lasts for four months: May 1st through September 30th. The Challenge has a warm-up period until April 30, 2014. This time is intended for users to become familiar with the website and the act of logging miles as well as for local advocacy organizations to set up their Local Challenge. Points accrued during this time will not count in the official Challenge. For more information and to sign up, go to!

More local news at the Bike Michiana Coalition website

More information on the local challenge (St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties) can be found at

Local National Bike Challenge winners announced

Congratulations to Jamie Smith of South Bend and Katie Michalczyk of Goshen. Each of them has won a $30 gift certificate at Fiddler’s Hearth in downtown South Bend. The winners were randomly selected from the top 10 finishers of each gender. In the women’s drawing, Judy Lee was randomly chosen, but she had declared herself ineligible since she is an official with the local host, Bike Michiana. This was to Katie’s advantage, since she was then chosen randomly. The BMC congratulates all contestants

Local Prize program details

We are excited to offer two prizes to our 2014 Local Challenge participants. Prizes are offered randomly to one of the top 10 riders of each gender at the end of the challenge in September. Prizes will be a free lunch for two at Fiddler’s Hearth in South Bend. The two winners, one male and 1 female each will receive a $30 gift card at Fiddlers Hearth. Overview: • All Challenge participants that reside in St. Joseph or Elkhart Counties in Indiana are automatically entered into the prize program. • There will be two drawings. The top 10 females and the top 10 males will be entered. One $30 Fiddler’s gift card for each gender will be awarded. • Participants accumulate points each day they ride at least 1 mile. • All you need to do is ride and enter your miles! HOW TO EARN POINTS Challenge Points accumulate based on miles ridden, plus 20 Challenge points for each day that you ride at least 1 mile. Miles must be logged by the last day of each month they were ridden. Scoring: • 1 mile = 1 Challenge point; earn 1 point for every mile you ride. • Earn 20 Challenge points for each day that you ride at least 1 mile. Example: A rider who commutes 10 miles round-trip would earn 30 points: 20 points for riding, plus 10 points for the 10 miles (1 mile = 1 point). HOW TO CLAIM YOUR AWARD Simply show up at the Fiddler’s Hearth cash register at 127 N Main St, South Bend, IN 46601, tell them you won the Bike Michiana Coalition local National Bike Challenge, show them your ID, and they will present you with a Fiddler’s $30 gift certificate. Enjoy a great meal!

Elkhart County Joins St.Joseph County

Just 3 days before the end of the 'warm up' period, the Local Challenge has been expanded to include Elkhart and Goshen. Elkhart County had not been in a Local Challenge area, and now they can see how they are doing on the Local Leaderboard.

Fiddler's Hearth to offer prizes

Local riders will be eligible for prizes of free meals at Fiddler's Hearth. Details will be announced soon.

Welcome to the 2014 National Bike Challenge

The National Bike Challenge contains two perspectives: National and Local. You have option to view the Challenge from the local perspective or the national perspective. The League of American Bicyclists organizes the National Challenge. The Local Challenge is hosted by the Bike Michiana Coalition, a bicycling advocacy organization. The Local Challenge indicated visually by a yellow border. The National view has a blue border. Your local challenge area has been determined by the zip code you used in your profile: it includes all zip codes in St. Joseph County, Indiana.