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Massachusetts Bicycle Coaltion

6,549,202 CITIZENS





points/1000 residents

#65 Nationally




Help us reach this year’s goal of 1,000 riders.


8,490 MILES

2 coast-to-coast trips across the USA


1,000,000 (HALF WAY)


460,242 calories burned

$1,654 dollars saved

2,635 pounds co2 saved


% sport/fun

% transport

Massachusetts Bicycle Coaltion LEADERBOARD

    • RANK
    • RIDER
    • Days Ridden
    • last updated
    • 1

    • Erik Husby

      Lexington, MA

    • 704
    • 17 days
    • 2 days ago

    • 2

    • Alex Chao

      Roxbury Crossing, MA

    • 611
    • 19 days
    • 2 days ago

    • 3

    • Alfred Gadway

      Fitchburg, MA

    • 605
    • 22 days
    • 2 days ago

    • 4

    • Aaron Childs

      Marlborough, MA

    • 574
    • 17 days
    • 2 days ago

    • 5

    • John Silvia

      Fairhaven, MA

    • 568
    • 15 days
    • 21 hours ago

    • 6

    • Randy Guy

      Lynn, MA

    • 501
    • 19 days
    • 3 days ago

    • 7

    • Chris Hughes

      Westborough, MA

    • 484
    • 12 days
    • 1 day ago

    • 8

    • Arch Williams

      Wareham, MA

    • 449
    • 14 days
    • 1 week ago

    • 9

    • Shuai Li

      Brookline, MA

    • 428
    • 18 days
    • 2 days ago

    • 10

    • Richard Steinberger

      Waltham, MA

    • 332
    • 9 days
    • 4 days ago

News from Massachusetts Bicycle Coaltion

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James Maiewski

@Sandy Keese: I don't know if it still would work, but I fixed a similar problem by adding negative milage onto the incorrect day :)

Sandy Keese

Trying to correct my mileage posted as I do not deserve any medal. 13 mi. @ a time same route. When I tried to post my July mi.@ 103, it ended up on one day in Aug. Yikes! That wouldda KILLED me, lol. Please no medals for me, just trying to help the Cause 13 flat mi. @ a time! Sandy Keese

Laurent Froissard

Anybody to correct the typo in COALTION? It spells COALITION...

Matt Richard

My thanks to Bob Espindola for suggesting this web site and challenge. I have been riding for about a year now and using MapMyRide. Recreational amateur rider (Giant Escape 2).

Greg Eccles

Best cycling weather last weekend!

John Silvia

Hey John Sullivan, How come you only posted one ride on Bike Journal this week, but on this site you posted all kind of fake miles. Today 6/15/14 you posted 77 miles on this site, but on Bike Journal you posted 40 miles, Again I ask what are this REAL miles.

John Silvia

Hey John Sullivan, on June 7 you post 19 miles on Bike Journal, on this website you post 54 miles. On June 8 on Bike Journal you post 23 miles on this site you post 47 miles. My question is what are the real miles??????

John Silvia

Hey John Sullivan on Friday June 6 you post 33 miles on Bike Journal but on this site you post 39, Well what is it? also June 7 you post 54 miles on this site but 0 on Bike Journal, Well what is it?

John Silvia

Hey John Sullivan Can you explain on Bike Journal you posted 348.50 miles for the month of May, but on this Bike Challenge Site you posted 969 miles for May well what is it? On June 1 you posted on Bike Journal 28 miles, on This Site 39 miles. Well what is it?

John Silvia

John Sullivan is not riding the miles that he post, check bike or his own website, he is not riding what he post

Dave Varon

Howdy! Turn your commute into a cycling and sustainability fundraiser! Join my Climate Ride Independent Challenge Team, 2-Ton Commute:

Guillaume Dougados

Is the league lobbying for a 3 or 4 foot passing law? First passed in WI in 1973, you would think that it would be nation wide by now, particularly in Mass with so many riders.

Carl Lafreniere

How do I join a League?

Shayne Trimbell

This is perfect biking weather. Turn those cranks!