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Happy 2015 from the national bike challenge

We wish all of you a happy and healthy 2015. Only four more months until we officially begin the 2015 Challenge on May 1. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer.

Wisconsin Celebrates 2014 Challenge Victory by presenting award to State DOT Sec. Gottlieb

The National Bike Challenge is a great tool to demonstrate the benefits of biking and encourage decision makers at the local, state and national levels.

The National Bike Challenge helps companies, large and small!

The National Bike Challenge is a Catalyst for Change

Loveland man meets success in National Bike Challenge

Fun story about fellow NBC rider from Colorado

Post-Challenge miles

The National Bike Challenge website will continue to collect miles and perform as it did throughout the five months of the event. You can still plug into your national and local community of cyclists and track your miles on the site. We're out of prizes but the personal motivation continues!


We did it! Together we pedaled over 23 million miles and involved 47,000 people on bikes! Congratulations to all of you for a spectacular 2014 National Bike Challenge. Click here to read the wrap-up and see the award winners:

Last day to log your September miles for prizes

Get your miles logged to be eligible for September prizes. Your last chance is tomorrow at Midnight Central Time.

First Day of Autumn is tomorrrow

How many miles will you be logging?

Endomondo Sync

Sorry that some of you continue to have problems syncing with Endomondo. Please join the conversation in GetSatisfaction if you would like more information. We are working to resolve the issue and I encourage you to log miles manually until it is resolved.

20 million!

We did it! We've hit 20 million miles! How long till we hit 30?!

Platinum/Diamond Level Prize for September

We're ending the Challenge with a bang. This month we'll be selecting one Platinum/Diamond rider to win a 4 Day North American Ride Camp Trip from Trek Travel. Don't be left out of the drawing! Ride and Log!

August Prize Winners are Posted

Check to see if you are one of the 163 randomly selected August Prize winners here: We'll be contacting you this week if you are!

September - a great month for riding!

It is the first of September and we have already ridden more miles in the first four months of the 2014 Challenge than we did during the entire 2013 Challenge. Get out and enjoy the weather in your area and take time to make the most of the 30 days of September. Challenge yourself to finish strong!

Riding to a healthy heart

"To make a long story short, they found 80% to 90% blockage in two main arteries in my heart (one of which is called the “widow maker”) and I ended up getting 5 stents implanted in those arteries to open them up. Now I am completely healed and can ride and race as hard as I want to, and loving every minute of it. I recently completed a 20k time trial in the fastest time I have ever achieved. Since the symptoms I was having only occurred when I was riding my bike at something more than a casual pace, I believe if I had not been riding my bike and training for races, my symptoms would have gone undetected and the condition would have worsened to the point that I would have had a heart attack. So I credit my riding and training for possibly saving my life." Amazing story from Gregg:


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EM Matteson

Long live Spock!

EM Matteson

Maybe this will work:

EM Matteson;v=9nxcw7ln9AU#t=0

EM Matteson

GRRRRR, final attempt:;v=9nxcw7ln9AU

EM Matteson;v=9nxcw7ln9AU

EM Matteson

Captain Krik stole Spock's bike:;v=9nxcw7ln9AU

EM Matteson

BYOB = bring your own bike

EM Matteson

Hi all, a bright, beautiful, sunshiny day today with powder puff clouds in the sky. It was enough to make the brain say, go ride. Never mind that the temperatures were in the teens and the wind was sharp and crisp. I managed a short ride. >> Happy to provide the update on the Roads saga part 2. I hear lots of noise coming from the west. Must be all that bike structure going up in Hawaii. >> @ Cindy, take a left when you get to Bolivia and keep going west and north until you get here. Then we'll take a good ride to somewhere and find the local brewskis. Bicycling is mandatory, BYOB or one will be appointed to you for your riding enjoyment. (That goes for anyone else who makes it to this part of eastern Huskerville). RIDE ON ALL, & remember all roads lead to here!

Aala Pak Bench

@EM, Thanks for the update on Carlton Reid's books. I just put in a pre-order with Amazon for the second edition of RWNBFC. Say what you will about Amazon, but $25 and eligible for free shipping makes it affordable for me compared to $60+ shipped from the author's garage.......Complete streets continue to proliferate in this town with the cycletrack and new bike lanes and sharrows appearing almost daily. Planning and execution ranges from pretty good to these guys must have spent the day in an Amsterdam "coffee shop" thinking this one up, but at least it's on the agenda with a chance to make it better.......Our local NWS forecasters (one of whom appears to be a daily bike commuter) say our atmosphere is unstable, as is my backwards bike riding; some progress has been made, but mastery still eludes me as do the directions to Bolivia via UT, NE, best guess at it so far puts me in Athens (I think): ......Laundry's hung, think I'll try and get in a quick ride to the beavh while the sun's still shining.

Mark Brock

Was clear riding into cloudy today so no sun rise. Cool throughout the area with winter storm advisory of 6-8 inches of snow on Saturday through Monday. Of course that is if you live above 4000 feet. Otherwise another cold & rainy weekend with no bike riding for Team Wabbit Racers to practice. 8 weeks until the ride and one of us has gotten lots of practice in. Prayers and warm thoughts to those in the eastern part of the country.

EM Matteson

A mayor in Missouri who gets it right:

Richard Sleder

Greetings everyone, I enjoyed a magical 10.6-mile ride home tonight under clear starry skies. Temperatures were around 0F with a -10F windchill. The clear skies for cooler air is not an unfair trade off in my mind. Stars twinkled brightly. A near half moon glowed brilliantly high above as I rode south on the SW commuter trail. Enchanting moonlight illuminated the darker and more rustic sections of paths tonight. I prefer snowfall around the holidays and commencing shortly thereafter. I prefer a refreshing rainfall on a hot summer day although I also appreciate the pitter-patter of cool rain drops on freshly fallen leaves in October.

Cindy Nelson

Ah yes, the Carolina Sunshine....hmmm...beautiful song, elusive sunshine...Bike Face no matter what when riding. Thanks AALA-that was pretty. If I get to Nebraska by way of Bolivia I will participate in that Spring Ride.

Brad Huston

Aala Pak Bench

JM, then JT (with Cindy and her mom, perhaps?) Links are fine, but thank God for bacon, or to quote the groundhog guy: 20 years ago we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, and Bob Hope......Please God don't let Kevin Bacon die.


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