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Joining is as easy as coasting downhill.

How to Join

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To join the National Bike Challenge, follow the steps below (you will need a free account with Strava, if you don't have one you will automatically obtain one as part of the registration process).

  1. Click the orange Join The Challenge button on the home page or at the top of this page.
  2. If you don't have a Strava account, click the white Sign Up button at the top right of the page and follow the instructions. You may sign up with your existing Facebook or Google account, or you may sign up with your name, email, and a password. You will be sent a confirmation email to complete the signup process.
  3. If you already have a Strava account, Log In to Strava using Facebook, Google or your email address.
  4. Authorize National Bike Challenge to connect to Strava by clicking the orange Authorize button.
  5. Accept the National Bike Challenge terms by reviewing and checking the three boxes on the left (Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Waiver) and click the orange I Agree button.
  6. This will take you to the National Bike Challenge dashboard, where you can see your calendar of rides and the Activity Feed with comments.

You are now ready to go out for a ride, log it using the free Strava app or your GPS device or log it manually on the Strava site.


As an Individual

Join the National Bike Challenge online and create a Strava account with your email address. Log your miles on the Strava website or through the Strava app. As you log your miles and earn points, you can see where you stack up on the leaderboards with other participants on your teams and across the country.


As a Workplace

Your company can create a workplace group as a way to promote bicycling in the office(s). The Challenge is an awesome, free tool to motivate your coworkers to ride to work or ride for fun. You’ll all be riding for the same team, but will also be able to see where you stand against your coworkers. Use the Challenge to promote riding and create a little friendly competition within the office or between worksites.


Team & League

Once you sign up, you can log your miles with a team made up of your friends and family. Ask everyone you know to join in! Compete with other teams through creating a League between two or more Teams.


As a School

Show some school spirit while you log your miles! Take part in the Challenge with fellow students and staff. This is category is open to all elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and universities.


With and Advocacy Challenge

The Advocacy Challenge is a localized challenge within the national challenge. Advocacy organizations can sign up to host a territory based on county lines. Participants are automatically placed in an advocacy challenge based on their home city when they sign up.

Connect with Strava

To join the National Bike Challenge you need and account with Strava. This is how we pull in all of your ride data. If you don't have an account with Strava, you can make one here.

Once you have an account with Strava

  • Click a login or join button on the site
  • Create or login to your existing Strava account
  • To create a Team, Workplace, School, or Bike Shop, createa a club in Strava and import it into the National Bike Challenge from your profile settings at
  • Search for other groups, join them in Strava, and ride safe

2017 Challenge Sponsors

We want to thank these companies for their support of the National Bike Challenge to make biking better in your local community and across the nation!

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