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May 01 Sep 30
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Michael Sestak

Serious bike face at Leguna Seca (where the Sea Otter Classic is held). Not Kurt Searvogel, just terminally cute.

EM Matteson


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EM Matteson

Hi all, a couple of short rides yesterday and a longer one today. No challenge miles, just riding because I can. Yesterday I noticed the rear tire on my main bike had a couple of badly worn spots, so I had to purchase a new tire. That's what happens when you put a few thousand miles on your tires. I have already surpassed my total miles from the last two years, so a new personal best is in the works for the year. I also managed fourth place in the local challenge. Temps in the 50s to 60s, so there are still some people with shorts and jerseys while others are beginning to don warmer gear. >> Ride on because you can. Bike face!

Fai Mok

Congrats on 4th place Em. I rode 66.3 miles today from my club's Chicken Run Ride. My group rode 27 miles into a 15mph wind to a diner call Busy Corner to meet up with 2 other groups starting from other cities for brunch. Had their famous delicious pumpkin cream pie made from local pumpkins. Was worth the trip just for the pie itself. The return trip home was literally a 'breeze' with the wind mainly to our backs.

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Richard Sleder

Greetings everyone, I enjoyed two rides on a festive football Saturday in Madison. Temperatures were in the mid 50s. Skies were partly sunny. Winds were stronger again today at 16 mph. I wouldn't call the weather cold yet although many riders are wearing heavier outerwear and long tights. And I am hearing the word used more frequently. Experience has taught me to harden with the weather and I continue to wear shorts although I donned a vest and ear band for cooler winds today. I saw a pedicab on the commuter trail today, i.e., a fairly elaborate open carriage pulled by a bicyclist. I believe the couple and the bicyclist were headed to a hotel. I also noticed much more bicycle parking along the path near the stadium. I estimate between 75 and 100 bikes. My late morning ride took me to the bank. My afternoon ride took me along city bike lanes and paths as I searched for and found at LBS a wheel light set to celebrate a successful Challenge and also to brighten my regular night commutes home. Bright Night. I selected the Cateye Orbit set in red. Ride safely and enjoy the autumnal splendor of the ride everyone!

EM Matteson

Great to see so many bikes out there, what a colorful ride! Lincoln seems to have its share of pedicabs as well. Glad you are brightening up your night rides.

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Another quick-release recall, check out the Bicycling link for more info. "17 brands announced a coordinated recall of the affected QRs, totaling 1.5 million bikes. The brands included in the recall are: Access (the house brand for retailer Performance Bicycle), Breezer, Cannondale, Civia, Diamondback, Felt, Fuji, Giant, GT, Haro, Jamis, Novara (REI’s house brand), Norco, Raleigh, Ridley, SE Bikes, and Specialized."


Christopher Corlew

I appreciate NBC for hosting this summer event, it's been fun seeing where I land among others. But as a cycling commuter this was only part of my year. Now it's time for my bike to get dirtier again, through the snow and mud I will go, but not until I get to hear the sound of leaves under my tires crunching like bubble wrap. I know I'm not the only year round rider here, but I'd like to know how many Northerners are crazy enough to join me in riding through the winter. Rubber side down, peeps, keep on riding!

Mike Golembiewski

Christopher, I've been a year-round, weather-be-damned commuter (Reading, PA) for the last 4 years. Local tv news did a piece on me this past March, day after getting 9 inches of white $#!+ and same week as an all day sleet storm. I'll be joining you again this winter , studded sneux tires and all! Keep it safe, brother.

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Gordon Brazas

Did a 7 day biking / camping event called Cycle North Carolina ....Mountains to the Coast ..480 miles . Sept 27-Oct 3. Unfortunately I could only use the mileage for the last 4 days of Sept to help my team in Sun City Hilton Head. I completed the 5th day. The last 2 days were canceled do to the hurricane.


michael vogel

i hate that my job wouldn't allow me to keep up my July distances -


Richard Sleder

I am enjoying immensely downshifting a bit now that the official Challenge has concluded. Today I turned my attention to other matters that I was able to schedule for after the Challenge. Nevertheless, I still made time for an invigorating 30-miler along bucolic roads southwest of Madison this afternoon. Skies were brilliantly sunny. Temperatures were in the middle 50s. Winds were uncharacteristically strong at 16 mph. Climbing the rolling to hilly countryside landscape adds vigor to my day. I return to Madison with clear thought and focus and renewed fortitude. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all the thoughtful and inspiring posts especially ones celebrating the end of another Challenge. Congratulations to all the participants and everyone that achieved new milestones. Many thanks to the sponsors for making each Challenge better than the last. This was my third and most productive Challenge to date. I finished fourth in a champion community and in the top 10 in the champion state with over 5500 miles for the Challenge and rode every day. One of my fondest memories of this year's Challenge was riding on the commuter trail out to the countryside in a notoriously unruly neighborhood (broken bottles on the path are happily becoming less frequent) when a group of girls maybe 6 or 7 years old were playing next to the path. As I rode by, one girl smiled at me and reached out her open hand to me for encouragement and I touched it softly as I rode by. I agree with many that value most the joy of the ride. I also agree that daily commuters are advocates and ambassadors for cycling. I agree with many that encourage focusing more on personal bests and self improvement and less on potentially divisive competition. I've reached my goals for the Challenge and now like many I will also pedal on to year-end ones. I look forward to continuing to share the joy of the ride with everyone here.


Steve Offutt

NBC challenge needs to improve the prizes for next year. In 2014 they awarded 700 prizes over the course of the challenge; this year there were only 86 prizes awarded among the 93,000 riders across the entire 5 months. Not sure what changed, but I would think with the increased interest in the challenge there should be increased interest from sponsors, too, rather than a 90%+ decrease in the odds of winning a prize

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin

The biggest change was that there was a new group that agreed to the challenge of putting on this Challenge. They only had about a month or so to get their feet wet before it started, and while the thought of a potential prize is nice, they (rightly so), wanted to devote their time and energy to getting this website running a lot better than it was last year. I'm sure they will work on getting more sponsors for next year.

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Christine Salvatore

P.S. Oh, even without a single mile in September, I was still third in Kenosha. Imagine if I had ridden in September....

Fai Mok

Nice job Christine. I rode up to Kenosha again 2 Sunday's ago during the North Shore Century. The route along the lake front was gorgeous as usual.

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Christine Salvatore

WI took first place this year! YAY! (No help from me this past month. Sigh) Congrats to all those who rode in the challenge! I'm going back to bed now. See you next year.


Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin

By popular demand, we are keep entries open to the End of Year Mileage Guessing Game. So, get your guesses in here - the sooner the better. To be fair to those who already guessed, entries received in October will be subject to a penalty. It was 1,000 points on the 1st of October, and will double every day thereafter. So, the sooner your guess, the better! The prize for the winner will be double the total of the fees charged each of the entrants. So, how can you loose?

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin


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Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin

No matter what the actual number, Nebraska figures prominently in the Mileage Guessing Game. Usually, miles logged the last hour of the day drop considerably from the previous hours. So, if that was the case, MJBFKM won. But, (also so as not to appear biased - but it would save shipping costs), I think there was more activity, just because it was the end of the Challenge. So, in that case, Dwain Leonhardt of Nebraska won, getting within 175,000 of actual, following at 195,000 or so by MJBFKM of the glorious state of Wisconsin. Carly W from Arizona was 3rd, about 260,000 from actual. Then, 4th through 7th are only Nebraskans. Donna Peer, Scott Van Zyl, EM Matteson, and D Dudek. (Sort of like Kentucky on NBA draft day.) Closely behind them was Kathleen Flynn of MD. Rounding out the top 11/12, a little further away were ken Macomber of FL, and the two Pak Benches of HI, and Steve Kahan in RI, only 7 miles away from the 2nd Bench. (Geographically, I think that is impossible.)But, here is the really cool thing. If you took the average of the 5 Nebraskans, they would have collectively taken 1st, just a scant 11,000 miles away from actual!

EM Matteson

Whew, glad that's all sorted out. The NE totals, just goes to show that if we all pull together, like those fish in "Finding Nemo" we can achieve great things. And with all of us riding together, well: 37,000,000++ and counting. YAY US!

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ben brian banao

happy friday everyone. still bike to work here in manila philippines. rain or shine!!! bike pa more!!!

J Hugh ate NL, BE pastry and wants AU and NZ pastry Strickland

yep, here in Fl just stopped raining so I am going for a ride. I have my next challenge goal which is 14,000 for the year.

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Mark Brock

Awesome ride with new friend up 5 miles and 1200 feet of elevation on Sulphur Mountain. Had even more fun coming back down. Learned a lot. 28.2 miles and almost 1900 feet in elevation on three rides today. Who says the challenge is over? Mine is just starting.

Douglas Bentley

The only challenge I know is to keep the tin cans from killing me. Year Round Commuter!!!!

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