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Rob Gusky

Wisconsin's Complete Streets law is about to be repealed. The vote on Governor Scott Walker’s proposal to eliminate the state’s Complete Streets policy may happen this week. Calling all Badger NBC riders, please read this link and share this analysis with the members of the Joint Finance Committee.

EM Matteson

Wow that is terrible. Good luck opposing that!

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Jerry Bengtson

Controlling the lane. We are heading west out of Hygiene. Pati and I are riding side by side. But notice as the vehicle approaches we go single file. But I am still out in the lane. It gives the driver the appearance that we are aware of them and are working with them. But I am still in the lane. Notice how they pass us. The third vehicle that comes up on us has traffic in the other lane. So I am riding out in the middle of the lane to keep the driver from attempting to pass us. I also wave at him to let him know I am aware of his presence. As soon as the traffic is clear I move right to let him pass us. In all cases I wave to the drivers to thank them for passing us safely. No close passes. No close calls. And a good relationship with the drivers. Controlling the lane works and keeps us safe.....See Video link below.

Jerry Bengtson

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EM Matteson

Wow, sub-dividing by age groups and speed categories and maybe by what kind of bike you ride and which coffee you drink. I think this would be a nightmare for the organizers. The system of 20 points for each day you ride and 1 point for each mile has worked pretty well for the past couple of years and the numbers of riders has continued to grow (well, ok, I didn't check how many have actually ridden miles instead of just signing up). So I'm just gonna stop right here and take the time to thank the organizers for organizing and keeping this challenge free and for awarding fabulous prizes at random. After all what really matters is having all you Bike Faced Friends! BIKE FACE!

Aala Pak Bench

On second thought, I think the scoring formula for states should be total points x the ratio of vowels to consonants in the state name x order of admission to the Union x the number of houses in the state legislature divided by degrees latitude of the state capital x 1.114 or the number of times someone named Brown was governor of the state, whichever is greater. Actually, I agree with Em. The past scoring system, while not without bias, was not broken enough to need to be "fixed" mid-challenge. Any changes to the system should be made and evaluated during the off-season/warmup and the rules firmly in place at the start and throughout the challenge. For now, its probably more important to get a better handle on the true number of participants in the challenge. Just keep it fun.

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EM Matteson

Hi all, yep, the wet stuff has returned. Cloudy with intermittent showers and temps in the 60s today. I managed to leave on my erriding after the first deluge and was lucky enough to be indoors for the second downpour. During the third one, which was just light showers, I stopped under a tree to put on my rain jacket. That was fine and I took it off again when I stopped at the library to return a book. Made it home without additional showers. Many of the puddles had returned to the trails and most of the half dozen other riders I met were anxious to avoid them. Despite the return of the rain, the swimming pools are open. I guess they don't mind showers as long as there is no lightning. >>> Ride on all and enjoy the rain.


EM Matteson

Ripley Road in England: veteran cycle club ride:

Cindy Nelson

Thanks for sharing. That was pretty neat!

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Cindy Nelson

Jerry can sure relate to rain...rain no rain.


Cindy Nelson

@Christine and Mike-can relate to both your experiences! It's not fair weather commuting, when you choose to commute you commute in all conditions, as long its safe, i.e. no lightening. Mike-cool you trade out your vehicle for the bike at lunch when you have too. Christine, the rain is usually just for one way of a commute, like coming in or going home and a little rain never hurt no one.


Jerry Bengtson

Two days in a row without being rained on or raining so hard we did not ride. I don't know if I can handle riding so many days in a row.


Christine Salvatore

It sure is funny how many people think riding in the rain is something bad. I rode in this morning, knowing full well there was an 85% chance of rain. I've had three people offer me rides home - one practically insisting. Yes, it's raining pretty hard right now, but there is no lightening. Yes, I will get wet, but, contrary to some opinions, I'm not of the type that will melt when water hits me. Besides if the weather channel is right, by 3pm, it will be 70F and no rain. I was nice when I turned down the offers, though. You never know when you might NEED a ride home!

Mike Golembiewski

I've had fellow employees get downright offended when I (politely) refused rides from them. It's happened in August heat, January cold, blowing sneux and blinding rain storms. They can't fathom that I don't have to ride, but rather that I CHOOSE to ride even in those conditions. Yes, I have a covered parking space in the employee garage that I pay for. Yes, I have two perfectly good cars that sit at home during the day. I use my space 3-4 times a year, usually during street cleaning when I have nowhere to park. Even then, I take the car home over lunch and ride back in for the rest of the day. I tell people that I used to spend weekends backpacking in this weather (whatever season it may be); a 15-minute ride won't kill me. Keep at it, Christine!

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Richard Sleder

Opening up the competition for completion


Don Keen

I took two days off this past weekend and I slip 600+ places. Really!?! Now I gotta work extra hard to be back into the top 500.

Mark Heslep

Unreal, isn't it?

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Richard Sleder

I enjoyed a 30-miler early this morning along bucolic country roads SW of Madison. Temperatures were near 70. Skies were gray and overcast. The scent of impending rain was in the air. Winds were blowing out of the SE at 12 mph. Rain and thundershowers are moving into the area from the SW. As I rode, light rain showers began to fall at the southwestern edge of my route. The rain drops felt like a summer rain shower and were refreshing. On the theme of increasing participation among a wider base of riders, I suggest opening up the completion to more groups, including separate road bike, recumbents and tandem groups for example. I suggest further subdividing by age groups. I would also have separate categories for commuter miles and recreational miles. Why not have awards and/or prizes for top finishers in each group. Lets encourage vibrant fair competition and compare apples to apples as many bicycle competitions do. I've been enjoying reading all of the inspiring posts. Ride safely and enjoy the ride everyone.


Douglas Bentley

Would it be possible to port the comments here to Google + and create a community there. Way less Social Media like and more informational with social media. THere is a plethoria of bike communities on Google Plus as well.

EM Matteson

Wow, please don't make it more complicated. I think we lost a few regular posters when the switch was made from Endomondo to this site. If there is more switching we may lose even more people.

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Matthew H.

I had two very unique biking experiences this past weekend. My dad brought his bike (my old bike) when he came to visit so we rode around the neighborhood 2 times and even met at a lake to ride around a lake. Pretty awesome to ride my bike with guy who taught me to ride a bike. Many miles ago... Then yesterday I got my 5yo son's bike out and went to cul de sac to practice for the 3rd time. We got in trouble while camping because we forgot his helmet :/ In short order he rode in circle after beautiful circle by himself. Smiling and so proud of himself... as we headed home he said perhaps next time dad and I can ride together :)

EM Matteson

Awesome & sweet!

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Cindy Nelson

Last night spent time sitting on the porch reading all the weekend posts. Great reading, ideas, experiences. So sad for those who lost life, awesome for NBC hearing and acting on suggestions from the forum, Very cool on Kurt Seavogel, sounds like there were some great rides from participants here. This mornings commute was quiet, passed another rider, lots of squirrels, and a sole Blue Heron. Lake and Marsh very quiet with no critters or creatures. I put Herbie Mann on Pandora as I tucked my tablet into my front pack. Looking forward to the week of commuting. I am working to start a Wednesday night women's ride group. Tomorrow nights the first night. Looking forward to that. Ride on safely with peace all!



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News from The National Bike Challenge

Leaderboard Update

Due to multiple requests from participants, we made the decision to change the points system for all group categories (excluding Local Challenges) in the National Bike Challenge. The group points will now be the total number of points for all associated riders. The previous point system (points per 1,000 members) disproportionately favored groups with the least amount of members and created skewed leaderboard standings. At the end of the Challenge, we will be awarding the top group for each category based on the leaderboards. Although it will not be reflected on the leaderboards, we will also be awarding the top groups based on the previous point system of points per 1,000 members. We hope this new point system better reflects the participation of all groups in the Challenge.

Bike to Work Day

Happy Bike to Work Day! By the looks of the Rider Updates, a lot of you have taken the opportunity to celebrate by skipping the car and jumping on your bike to get to work. Keep sharing your stories!

75,000 participants

We've already reached our goal of 75,000 participants! This is such an amazing start to the Challenge—let's keep this momentum going! And make sure to keep an eye out for our new rider goal.

Bike to work week

Bike to work week starts next week! Does your office have any cool giveaways or fun competitions planned? Let us know:

Happy Bike to School Day

We love any excuse to get out and ride. We are off to an awesome start to the Challenge--keep up the great work!

Clarification: Endomondo Sync Issues

To clarify the previous news update regarding Endomondo: we will not be removing Endomondo from the site. You may have to manually log some of your rides until Endomondo works out the issues. As always, you are welcome to send any questions to and we will be happy to work out any problems you are experiencing!

Endomondo Sync Issues

Some participants are experiencing syncing issues with Endomondo that cannot be fixed by our web team. These issues are related to rides being logged correctly through the Endomondo site. We encourage you to consider using Strava as your primary app to avoid any of these issues now and in the future.

Happy National Small Business Week

Check out these four small businesses that are making it big in the Challenge:

The National Bike Challenge Starts Tomorrow

Get ready, Challengers! The National Bike Challenge kicks off tomorrow. The mileage will be reset to 0 for all participants and will start counting toward the Challenge period. Good luck to everyone, and happy riding!

Updated Marketing Tools

The Poster and Postcard have been updated for the start of the Challenge! We also made some additional changes to the Poster to make it easier for you to co-brand with your team name or logo.

Challenge Prizes

The prizes for the first month of the Challenge are up! We are one week away from the start date. Let the countdown begin!

Updated policy for pedal-assisted electric bicycles

Miles pedaled on a trainer, stationary bike, or throttle-assisted electric bicycle are not eligible to be logged in the National Bike Challenge. Miles traveled on a pedal-assisted electric bicycle (devices that provide assistance only when the bicyclist is pedaling) may be recorded in the National Bike Challenge. We recognize that pedal-assisted electric bicycles open the world of bicycling to people who may not be able to ride a traditional bicycle due to fitness, age, or disability. They can also provide a gateway to the use of traditional bicycles. These devices are consistent with the primary objective of the National Bike Challenge, which are to encourage bicycling and promote the health, economic, and environmental benefits that accompany the use of bicycles for recreation and transportation.

Shed the monster with the NBC

We hope the National Bike Challenge helps you shed your monster. Check out the video here:

The National Bike Challenge: Why I Log

The National Bike Challenge coordinator tells us how the Challenge inspired her to ride more:

PeopleForBikes Welcomes you to the 2015 Challenge

We would like to officially welcome you to the 2015 National Bike Challenge! The website has undergone some major improvements and we will continue to make it even better over the next few months. Get excited for May1!


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