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News from The National Bike Challenge

How-to Videos Removed

The How-to videos have been removed from the site. Please feel free to email any questions you have to or post on the National Bike Challenge Get Satisfaction page and we'd be happy to help!

Recap of the Local Challenge Webinar

If you missed the Local Challenge webinar or just want a quick rundown of what was discussed, check out the recap here: And make sure to visit the Advocacy Guide page to apply to host a Local Challenge this year. The link to the application is now up!

PeopleForBikes to Partner on 2015 Challenge

Hello riders! You probably already noticed the site looking a little different today. For the 2015 Challenge, PeopleForBikes is partnering with Kimberly-Clark to grow the National Bike Challenge. We supported the Challenge back in 2012 and feel honored to be involved again this year. In the coming months, we'll be working on a number of improvements to the site. However, all the things you love about the Challenge should remain the same, such as the format and the local hosts. If you have any questions or comments, we welcome you to email us at Read more about the 2015 Challenge here: Happy riding, The PeopleForBikes Team

Happy 2015 from the national bike challenge

We wish all of you a happy and healthy 2015. Only four more months until we officially begin the 2015 Challenge on May 1. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer.

Wisconsin Celebrates 2014 Challenge Victory by presenting award to State DOT Sec. Gottlieb

The National Bike Challenge is a great tool to demonstrate the benefits of biking and encourage decision makers at the local, state and national levels.

The National Bike Challenge helps companies, large and small!

The National Bike Challenge is a Catalyst for Change

Loveland man meets success in National Bike Challenge

Fun story about fellow NBC rider from Colorado

Post-Challenge miles

The National Bike Challenge website will continue to collect miles and perform as it did throughout the five months of the event. You can still plug into your national and local community of cyclists and track your miles on the site. We're out of prizes but the personal motivation continues!


We did it! Together we pedaled over 23 million miles and involved 47,000 people on bikes! Congratulations to all of you for a spectacular 2014 National Bike Challenge. Click here to read the wrap-up and see the award winners:

Last day to log your September miles for prizes

Get your miles logged to be eligible for September prizes. Your last chance is tomorrow at Midnight Central Time.

First Day of Autumn is tomorrrow

How many miles will you be logging?

Endomondo Sync

Sorry that some of you continue to have problems syncing with Endomondo. Please join the conversation in GetSatisfaction if you would like more information. We are working to resolve the issue and I encourage you to log miles manually until it is resolved.

20 million!

We did it! We've hit 20 million miles! How long till we hit 30?!

Platinum/Diamond Level Prize for September

We're ending the Challenge with a bang. This month we'll be selecting one Platinum/Diamond rider to win a 4 Day North American Ride Camp Trip from Trek Travel. Don't be left out of the drawing! Ride and Log!


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Mark Brock

So the owner of the local Trek store and his awesome mechanic got me back on the X-Cal with a loaner rim and they are going to restring my rim with high end stronger spokes and have it ready early next week....all at no charge. He said he would rather have me on the stronger spokes than have Waterloo send out an identical new rim that could be problems in the future. In his opinion stock spokes are not as good as I am going to get. These guys are just great.

Michael Golembiewski

Awwriiiight (two thumbs up)!

Mark Brock

Trek Update. They saw the bike and said we are putting in for a new & stronger wheel to warranty in Waterloo. We just did a tune up and this and it shouldn't have done this. He is checking if they have a replacement in stock and if not they will have to have it shipped. Looks like I may be without the bike for a bit. Waiting to hear back if it going to be a bit then I will ask for a demo to ride. It is still a Good Day.

Mark Brock

TY 4 the thought. Called another chain LBS and they are back up until Monday and he said if I broke that many spokes I should just get a new wheel. We have wheels starting at $200 and I said I bought a whole bike for my son from you for $250! I think this is teaching me I need a back up steed to help out in situations. When money is plentiful again will look for a used bike instead of upgrades.

Michael Golembiewski

Time to embrace your feminine side???? Seriously, good luck. I'd gladly offer my winter steed for you to use, if you weren't on the other side of the continent.

Mark Brock

the drama continues...Called Trek LBS because Waterloo says this is a warranty issue for the first two years and they should take pictures and submit. Well they are having a Tax Free sale this weekend so they are booked up and will not have it done until Monday. So I asked it they had a loaner since it is warranty work and they said they have demo bikes so I will have to talk to the owner. Really bumming I do not own a back up stead. Of course there is my wife's pink beach cruiser from Target with white wall tires, the wicker basket on the front and the bell.

Michael Golembiewski

I noticed yesterday that @RE's slacking a bit. Hmm...

Michael Golembiewski

I've been #1 here in Reading from January - March, and so far in April I still am. Won't last, though, as the fair-weather riders in our good city are starting to reappear after their hibernation. Oh well, it still does my heart (and my ego) good to know that, while they may put many more miles under their tires in a year than I do, I weather much more weather than they do.

Mark Brock

Thanks Michael. Just checked the CA rankings and me and Rob Bugatchi are 2 & 4 respectively this month. Robert E. must not have ridden yet or logged his miles. Well put a smile on my face for a bit this morning.

Michael Golembiewski

I was looking at Trek warranty information for something else earlier this morning. Their terms are all time-based, not mileage. You should be covered. Luckily, it sounds like you have an exceptional LBS that works with you. Good luck, bro!

Mark Brock

Just went down and checked 5 spokes on rear wheel broken or loose to the touch...four of them pretty close together. Something is up. I haven't jumped or dumped the bike

Mark Brock

@Michael-hope so but I think the one I broke with the armor truck run in was going to cost me but my salesman told them not to. I am wondering what would happen if I took this thing off the asphalt trail to real dirt and jumps like it was made for. Starting to nickel and dime me. Maybe I need a new bike since this one is less than a year old and just over 2,000 miles on it. LOL Just kidding.

Michael Golembiewski

@Mark, what the heck? Sounds like you're beatin' the daylights outta that bike, but we know better. Spokes should still be covered under your Trek warranty, I'd think.

Mark Brock

Such an enjoyable slow ride in listening to at least 3 rear spokes pop and feeling the wobble of the wheel. Looks like the LBS is getting more money from me. Ride safe all.

Michael Golembiewski

@Robert Erbeau, I owe you a cold beverage. Received a pair of Pearl Izumi AmFIB tights yesterday (like you suggested). Tried them out this morning; temp right at 32. WOW, what a difference from light tights and rain pants! I will get another pair or two before next winter, for sure! These will keep my butt warm. Thanks for the recommendation. BTW, Nashbar, on sale plus additional 21% plus free shipping, got them for 78.99. I have a feeling this will be money well spent; certainly a case of "you get what you pay for." Keep the rubber side down, all.


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