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John Reybrock

How about a little feedback? What do you do with your banana peel? and why? a. drop it on the road b. toss it in the long vegetation next to the road c. bring it home or elsewhere to compost it or trash it I do (b.) toss it so it composts naturally with the other vegetation. I don't like leaving a mess on the road - another reason for others to complain about bikers.


John Reybrock

Hey Annette, you might want to check your miles for June 30.


Doreen Bowles

Help! My mileage for today should be 103.85 but it is doubled, showing 206 miles for today. How can I edit the mileage? Thanks.

Wronghat z

Click on Log In at the top of the page. When the display shows go to Manually log=in and enter a minus sign and however many miles you wish to eliminate. Then click on Log miles at the bottom.

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Doreen Bowles

Help! My mileage for today should be 103.85 but it is doubled, showing 206 miles for today. How can I edit the mileage? Thanks.

Aala Pak Bench

Sure there's not two of you? ; ) No mind me, Wronghat writes right way to right wrongs........ Still wondering though, what is the right hat?

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Alex Batenhorst

I noticed the Nebraska State Fair is cycle friendly this year. On the north gate there is a bike barn where you can check in your bike, enter into a drawling for prizes, and have close access to the fair entrance.


Mark Collette

I was having trouble with the endomondo app so I switched to map my ride. So far so good!!

Carl Robie

I really like Map My Ride too. Works great on iPhone 6.

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Mark Collette

Just got back from a 25 mile ride throughout The Villages Fl. today. Been a while since I've been over 25! Gotta work on my speed but that will come!! happy pumping all!!


Bob Dumke

Logged in my miles for the Ride Across Wisconsin this morning at 175; got the message: "Did you log in the correct miles, that is a lot of miles for one day". And yes that is a lot and I'm feeling like rode everyone one of them

Robert James

Nice ride and good to see NBC has a built-in confirmation check for high miles.

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EM Matteson

Hi all, rode pretty much all over Lincoln today. Temps were in the 70s and the wind varied from 8-12 mph. Lots of people out riding for all kinds of reasons including fighting cancer. I rode right past a sign telling me the road was closed ahead and there was "no turnaround." It turns out that there was some construction at a very narrow spot all the way across the road. But nobody was working there today and it was perfectly possible to pick up a bicycle and go around the construction spot. BIKE MAGIC!! Later in the day I took a ride to the grocery store. Needed to make some raspberry-chocolate chip muffins for tomorrow's breakfast. Gotta be ready for the Heatstroke 100!! Stop and say hi at registration in the morning if you are joining us for the Heatstroke tomorrow! >> Ride on & ride safe all!


Rob Gusky

Encountered some heavy rain on today's ride on the Silver Comet Trail from Mableton to Cedartown, GA. That is one fine trail - it continues into Alabama for over 100 miles of paved, car-free fun!

Eric Murray

Hmmm ... I rode Mableton to Rockmart and back today, and only encountered the lightest of sprinkles at the end. Although I suppose at 95 miles (it's not quite really 100 miles, so if you ride the whole thing and back in a day, you'll have a 300k, not a double century) there can be different weather in different places. But I'm with you on the car-free fun! I find it very relaxing. I hope you have better weather for your ride back tomorrow.

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Jerry Bengtson

I think I may have killed my front wheel. On the descent from Mt Evans last week the road was so bad that I ended up knocking the wheel out of true. I had it trued up. 200 miles later it went out of true again about 15 miles from home. I was still able to ride home. It is being trued up again. But I am concerned that it went out of true again. And so soon. If it does it again I will need to buy a new wheel. That is $375 I don't want to spend.

Robert Kirchoff

Too bad about your wheel. WAIT... YOUR WHEEL? :-( What about my breakfast that was overcooked?? Get over yourself.

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Jerry Bengtson

Meet some friends of the lady who got run off the road in Lefthand Canyon by a construction truck. I had given her the video and I knew the driver had been issued a ticket for unsafe passing. But today I got the rest of the story. When the police approached the driver of the truck he told them that he had passed the bicyclist with plenty of room. Then they told them they had a video to show him. He was not expecting that.

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin

Good for you. Good for her. And good for the truck driver.

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Cedric Clark

I did 18 miles of trail riding this morning at the White Water Center here in Charlotte NC.


Brian Donlin

Haven't seen the winner announcement for July Strava Jersey. Who was it?


Richard Sleder

I enjoyed 37 rain miles today along bucolic country roads in southwestern Wisconsin. Temperatures were in the middle 60s. Skies were overcast. Steady light rain tranquilized me the entire ride. The pitter-patter of rain drops crescendoed on the lush green foliage. Brilliantly green lawns decorated the roadside in the residential areas. The aroma of fresh cool rain drops filled the air. A mysterious mist hovered over hilly farmland colored in various hues of green. The veritable potpourri of sights, sounds and smells have once again revitalized me. My best advice is to not wait for the rain to stop to go for a ride. There is much to be said for embracing the rain during a ride in the countryside. I'm happy to say that I also saw a few other riders out and a number of runners.



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