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Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin

Congratulations to all of the July prize winners! I recognized two contributors to either Get Satisfaction or this message board: Peter Grasse from St Paul, and Nyla Greenberg from WI.

EM Matteson


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EM Matteson

Hi all, commuter or fun miles yesterday? Rode over to an LBS to get another tube and then on to the UNL Dairy Store to have ice cream and buy more ice cream to put in the cooler in my backpack to take home. While the tube obviously falls in the errand category, the ice cream seems to fall in both categories. Well the important part is that the temps were in the 90s and the wind was 10-13 mph from the SW. So it was the right day for us to go for the ice cream. >>>>>@Richard S, continue to enjoy your posts and I'm glad you are enjoying your garden goodies as well as your ride >> @Robert K, kudos on making number 2, even if there are some quirks in the system, your status is something to be proud of. Two really is like #1 for us mere mortals. >>> Ride on & ride safe all!

Aala Pak Bench

If bike commuting/errands/erriding ain't fun, you might as well drive. R/R better, I take it? Ride safe and keep leaning gently into those windmills.

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Jaime Serrano

Just joined up today wish i knew about this sooner but got 2 months to log some Miles

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin

When you have some time, you can manually log your rides all of the way back to May 1st. If you rode every day, you could enter them in 20-25 minutes.

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Elma Chapman

How is it possible to have 420 points on the first day of the month?

Austin Steenman

I'm guessing someone doesn't know how to enter miles in correctly, because they've never logged any miles before Friday. Then there's the fact they were updated 15 hours ago (it's 2:30am [don't judge me] Sunday currently) which would mean they logged before noon eastern time. Even if it was 34mph on a track that only went downhill that's basically riding from 12:01am until noon.

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Fanny hollingshead

I forgot to log some of my ride and I don know how to do in manually?

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin

On the home page, click on Log Miles in red. Then toggle to the correct day. Enter your mileage in either the Sport (left) or Transport (right) side. Then click on Log Miles, just below. Then, toggle over to the next day. It may take up to 1/2 hour or more right at the end of the month for the ride(s) to get to all of the various pages.

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keith Tomlinson

Posting miles, if done manually, is obviously on the honor system. Is it really possible for someone to ride 400 miles in one day, or to ride 200 miles every single day of the challenge? Just wondering.

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin

I can't vouch for the person who posted the 400, but the world record for 24 hours is at least 521. With that being their first posting, chances are that it was just an error. They could have easily typed in 40, not realizing that the zero that is already there was still there. Now the overall leader riding at least 200 miles per day is definitely legitimate. Just type his name in a search engine, and you will find not only his website, where he is attempting to break the 1 year biking record of just over 75,000 miles, but you will find impressive results for him in ultra distance cycling races as well.

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David Palmer

Riding to Tijeras was lovely. Riding up Gutierrez canyon was great (even if I'm slower than molasses). Riding to the top of Sedillo Hill was gorgeous. My what views. However, deciding when I got back to town to ride up the Tramway trail just to "add a little more climbing" and ending up riding both farther and climbing more than I've ever attempted before should probably be classified as an attempt at suicide by bike. Thank god for convenience stores...I'd never have survived without that candy bar...LOL Longest ride, most climbing. I need nachos and a nap now...

Aala Pak Bench

Sopes, siesta, stat.

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Jason Simpkins

How does someone do 400 miles in 14 hours. That person has to be making up numbers.

Jason Simpkins

Actually it's less than 14 hours

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Rob Gusky

I'm the type of person who enjoys looking at the Strava heat map, seeing the reddish purple line stretching all the way across Iowa and thinking...yes, we can make a positive difference! Are there any others out there who think like that?

EM Matteson

Rob, I think like that every time I see the USA trails network expanding into new areas. To paraphrase the trekkies: Let us make it so.

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Robert Kingry

Not bad not bad at all 67 year young guy places second for july

Ed Steidl

Congrats! That is really like first place - I don't think that guy based in Little Rock is actually human. Just kidding, congratulations to all the leaderboard riders, that takes some incredible legs & heart.

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David Jacobowitz

I can't read the text against black background, which might explain why I can't find my data to check to see if it was uploaded correctly. Frustrated with the site.


Mitchell Small

So close to Platinum I can taste it and now I've got to got out-of-town, bikeless, for a few days. I'd really express myself, but this is a family site . . .

Donald Hemry

Borrow or rent a bike at your out of town stopping point. There's a way if you have the will.

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Scott Tomsits

Wow, Shawnee Trail Cycling Club just logged nearly 21,000 of their 91,000 points (or 23%) for July in the last 24 hours. That's everyone in the club riding 80 miles today, or 50 of their average members waiting until the last day to log their entire month. I don't necessarily mind losing a spot to a club with 228 members...just not one that learned their accounting methods from Enron. #notbuyingit


Richard Sleder

I enjoyed completing a number of errands on my bike today. Once again the weather was lovely with temperatures in the low 80s. Skies were mostly sunny. I continue to receive an extra Bicycling magazine each month, so I rode my bike to the library and donated the extra one to the magazine exchange. Then I pedaled on to the store for a couple of items. Riding often on bike trails and lanes has created a sensation of riding on an island with no cars. It's a more relaxed Mediterranean pace out there now with all the summer riders enjoying the fair weather. In between rides today I harvested beets and cucumbers from the garden and prepared delectable cold borsch to refuel after long hot summer rides.


Stanley Sunderwirth

I'm an admin for our team, but when I pull the rider reports I can only see the first and last page of riders in the list. It appears that the only button that works is the >> button. We have 14 non-participating riders to delete, but I can't access the page to delete them.

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin

Click on My Account way on the top on the right. Then Edit Profile in the upper right of that next screen. Click on Team, just below Dashboard in Red. Then click on Rider List and Reports just to the right of the middle. Scroll down, and you will find everyone (10 to a page), in the order they signed-up for the team. You may have to scroll a little to the right to click on the "X" to delete them. (If you are the only administrator for your team, make sure you don't accidently delete yourself - but if you do, can I have your bike?)

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News from The National Bike Challenge


Happy August! Congratulations to the July prize winners and stay tuned for the updated prizes next week. Have a great weekend and happy riding!


Hi everyone! The issues with logging in/syncing have been worked out. Thanks so much for logging all of your miles and helping us get closer to 35 million! We appreciate your patience while sorting out these technical difficulties. Feel free to email if you continue to see issues.

Logging in/logging miles

We apologize for the technical difficulties the site is experiencing. We are working to get them fixed as soon as possible. I will post an update when everything is working smoothly!

Challenge Halfway Point

We made it to the halfway point: 76.5 days down and 76.5 days to go! Plenty of time to log your rides and make it to the next prize level.

June Strava Jersey Winner

Congratulations to our first winner of the Strava jersey: Dale Lebar! Keep logging your miles with Strava for a chance to win the jersey at the end of the month.

Last Day to log your June Rides

Make sure to log/sync your rides from this month by 11:59 PM central time tonight. It's your last chance before the June prize winners are announced!

National Bike Challenge Jersey

The official National Bike Challenge jersey is in! Order yours today on the PeopleForBikes store:

New Strava Competition

Record your rides through Strava and be eligible to win a Strava jersey every month:

100 days to go in the Challenge

Make the most of the next 100 days. Keep up the awesome work and help us reach that 35 million mile goal!

First Day of Summer

Take advantage of the longest day of the year by getting out for a ride on this summer solstice. Ride, record and celebrate all summer with the National Bike Challenge!

State Leaderboard

The State Leaderboard point system has been changed back to points per 1,000 residents. We apologize for the multiple changes, but we are working hard to make the system as fair as possible. We hope this will be our last major change to the Challenge this year. As always, thanks for all of your input and feedback!

June Prizes

The prizes have been updated for June. This month, we are giving away a Raleigh Circa 1 bike! New prizes were also added for the silver prize level.

Website Update: Change Ride Description

You now have the ability to change the type (Recreation/Transportation) of ride for already logged/synced miles. Click on the red Log Miles button on the homepage and select the pencil icon (next to the calendar icons). This will bring you to your Ride Log where you can change the ride type.

Congratulations to the May prize winners!

Check out the Prizes & Winners page to see if you won. The prize page will be updated soon!

Last day to log your miles for May

Make sure to log or sync all of your rides for the month of May by 11:59 PM central time tonight!


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