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May 01 Sep 30
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J Hugh ate NL, BE pastry and wants AU and NZ pastry Strickland

Windy ride today. Gusts to 35mph. Happy Thanksgiving and remember Justice is blind because the judge wasn't going to see any of those 8X10 color glosses photographs.


EM Matteson

Hey everybody, HAPPY TURKEY DAY! May you all have time to ride and eat and ride and maybe watch a parade or football game or two!

EM Matteson

Oh yeah, and don't forget Alice's Restaurant!

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Milton Ospina

Nippy 38 Degrees today in Boulder County in CO. Rode the part of the Coal Creek Trail and the Rock Creek Trail In Louisville & Lafayette, CO. 17.5 miles. I'm now ready for some duck on Thanksgiving :)


Rob Gusky

50 riders for tonight's Christmas Parade in Appleton, WI - it was fun riding down College Ave in front of 80,000 spectators;set=pcb.991906857535108&type=3&theater


Milton Ospina

Beautiful day in Colorado today with a high of 62 degrees :) - Rode 20.52 miles just to celebrate the beauty of bike riding. have a great Thanksgiving everyone.


Scott Ussery

Wisconsin won the Challenge. The DC area riders are having a strong November. Nebraska still holds the YTD lead. Everyone enjoy your Thanksgiving rides everywhere. Ride On!

Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin

Yea, but Vermont, Minnesota, and Hawaii lead everyone for December.

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Mark Heslep

I rode 29 miles yesterday after being off of the bike for a week due to back problems. It felt great, but I am paying for it this morning. The doc and the therapist both said to ride as much as I can; let's hope it helps.


David Schneider

Finally back on the bike this past Thursday after a 6 week hiatus due to an infection. Has felt good for the past 4 days and hope it continues. Looking forward to increasingmy ridesas time goes on. Looking forward to next years challenge.


Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin

At the end of October, Kurt Searvogel was 361 miles below his projections, year-to-date. In the first 20 days of November, he has made up most of that, and is now only 60 miles behind where he thought he would be at this time of the year in order to break the World 365 Day Cycling Record! His original plan calls for him to average 198.5 miles/day for the rest of the month, and then 192.8/day from December 1st through January 9th. So, 200/day for the rest of this month, and 194/day thereafter will make up the deficit and get him the record! Still, it will be close, and I can't imagine the pressure he is undergoing, as he gets closer and closer to his goal. Good Luck Kurt!

J Hugh ate NL, BE pastry and wants AU and NZ pastry Strickland

Yes and shame on the crappy people who have posted ugly facebook comments. Ride Captain Kurt Ride

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abby briggs

First snowy commute of the season up here in Madison, Wisconsin. I like a little snow on the ground. Its reflectiveness brightens up the night and brings a little visibility to an otherwise dark commute home. Bundle up and enjoy. :)

mike jackson

I totally agree. The darkest riding season is the end of daylights savings up until the first snowfall.

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mark helms

Im building a new bike I started with a carbon frame and forks and Im going to buy other components for it over time and i figure with in a year Ill have the bike I want Can't wait and i really hope that I can build it with no issues

J Hugh ate NL, BE pastry and wants AU and NZ pastry Strickland

Good luck on your project. Custom is always nice.

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Richard Sleder

Greetings, I enjoyed a lovely commute home tonight through Dunn's Marsh on the Cannonball Path in Fitchburg, WI. Temperatures were in the low 30s. Skies were clear and starry. A tilted half moon hung in the deep dark blue sky and glowed across the water. Unseen geese mysteriously honked in the darkness. No cars or other people were out here at this hour. I added on 5 km more to the commute to see the marsh at this time of night. The detour was well worth the effort. Later today the first significant snow fall is expected. Forecasts call for up to 5 inches. Enjoy the late fall ride everyone!

Mike Golembiewski

Richard, I am so jealous of your commute. Ride safely in the white stuff!

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J Hugh ate NL, BE pastry and wants AU and NZ pastry Strickland

The weather is a little humid with intermittent showers, but I did my planned ride. Strong east wind blowing rain in periodically for next couple of days. Better weather on the way. now have 20,089 points in 306 days. Looking forward to riding and eating pastry in AU and NZ in December and January. Ride Captain Ride


Richard Sleder

Greetings everyone, We've also been having some light rain in Madison over the last couple of days. I enjoy riding in the rain. The pitter-patter of rain drops is tranquilizing and mesmerizing. I have some new rain gear with reflective elements on the back shoulder and front pockets that shine brightly when a headlight lands on them. More lights and reflective elements provide for a relatively safe ride at night. Biological movement at work and leisure. Bright night. I continue to ride everyday and am fortunate to have a relatively safe and relaxing commute compared to many. @Michael G. Congratulations to you and all the cyclists and friends of cyclists in Reading on reaching Bronze. Ride safely and enjoy the ride day and/or night everyone!


Fai Mok

Em, good for you that you are continuing to ride. My riding has been limited for last month and this month mainly due to lack of daylight by the time I get home from work. I should go out on the weekends more to make it up.



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