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Compete against your friends and coworkers, reach your personal goals and be part of the biggest group ride ever.


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This year's goal is 100,000 riders.

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75,000,000 Miles

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Get motivated to ride to work, the grocery store, or even with your family around the neighborhood. Earn 20 points every day you ride at least one mile. No ride is too short.

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Rally some friendly competition by forming teams to ride with your coworkers, friends and family. Compete against each other while still working towards the same goal.

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Kleen Kanteen

“Our employees are family, and keeping them healthy, happy and well is incredibly important to us. The National Bike Challenge is a fun way of engaging everyone in a great cause that’s tied to health, sustainability and benefits our local community.”

Provo City, UT

“We’ve been wanting to do something like a bike challenge for a couple years now, we just weren’t sure how to make it possible. We have a Provo Bike Committee and they found this awesome tool that they thought we could use, so I played around on the site. It was perfect!”

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